The Mosaic Courtyard on Fontanka river – is a unique place, an open-air museum. Its author is the artist Vladimir Lubenko and his student. It is hidden in the St. Petersburg court, a place different from the rest, because this place is decorated with a wide variety of sculptures and installations, covered with mosaics. If you visit the mosaic courtyard, you will get a chance to get acquainted with the works of Vladimir Lubenko, which is an honored artist of Russia.

Unfortunately, few of the Saint – Petersburg locals knows about this unique place. It is not included in the list of Key tourist destinations that show tourists on excursions and does not pretend to great fame because it is the ordinary courtyard. But is it not quite ordinary? Against the background of a battered urban routine, this courtyard plays with bright colors of a multi-colored mosaic, what were carefully local benches, flower beds and even a playground laid out. All of them have strange shapes, what will satisfy every person. Thanks to the talented hands of artists the court was filled with atmosphere of fairy-tale with a very complicated, but a very good story.

Аnd now let’s dive into history in 1984, not far from the Russian State Museum, the Small Academy of Arts under the bright name “Volcano” was opened. Since then, the seemingly unremarkable courtyard of the house on Tchaikovsky Street began its unique transformation. The founder of the Academy was Vladimir Lubenko, he is also its leader. When he gathered the first group of his students, an idea came to him and he invited them to take part in his new unusual project. The main idea was to decorate the house of his academy. Certainly, children were agreed and the work on the project began. Soon, this gray courtyard turned into a magical space with original mosaics and bas-reliefs on the walls, colorful sculptures and an unusual playground. Creative group of artist Vladimir Lubenko decorated all around with special colored glasses, even curbs and benches.

Today, the mosaic courtyard is a unique art-object that is hidden in the courtyards of St. Petersburg. Each individual element of the installation can be studied separately and in more details. This is incredibly fun. From time to time, some of the objects are reconstructed in order to maintain their brightness and shine. In addition, new “exhibits” are being created in parallel.

Also, visiting the Mosaic courtyard, you should pay attention to the buildings that are located next to the Small Academy of Arts. The house at the Tchaikovsky street, 2/7, in which the arch entrance for visitors, was built in 1780. There was a court laundry in the past. The building, which is on the other side of the yard, is overlooked the embankment of the Fontanka River – is a «House of Baur» – a building is an architectural monument of classicism. Many famous personalities lived there: Osip Mandelstam, Anna Akhmatova and others.

Sculptures that are made of multicolored mosaics and clearly singles out on a background of green trees, and in winter thanks to the contrast at the shimmer on the white snow. The piece of advice is to visit this place during warm time of the year because there could be made a huge number of unique photos, which will become a bright memory of your life. Also, the fountain operates only during the warmer months and it is one of the main objects of the installation. As for the mode of operation, the yard works daily and is open around the clock.

The mosaic courtyard on Tchaikovsky Street will become an integral part of your impressions of St. Petersburg, as one part of the mosaics. This unusual place makes an incredibly favorable impression. Guests can touch with something great and beautiful by visiting it.



Authors: Alexandra Formanenko, Yulia Khayretdinova

Location : St.Petersburg

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