St. Petersburg is the cultural capital of Russia. In this city some of the most iconic places of cultural history of Russia are situated. The oldest museums, theaters, universities and libraries – all of them are the property of this amazing city. Arriving in St. Petersburg, a tourist should visit the main attractions in order to feel the greatness and energy of the city. One of such places is the oldest theater in Russia – “Alexandrinsky Theatre”.

​The Alexandrinsky Theater is located in the heart of the city. We can say that it is one of the symbols of the Northern capital. From its foundation, this theater was special and played a significant role in the development of theatrical art in Russia. It was founded in 1756 by the decree of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna (1709−1762) The theater building is magnificent. Citizens and guests of our city come to the Alexandrinsky Theater not only to enjoy the performances based on the works of the classics of drama, but also to feel the spirit of history, to see this masterpiece of world architecture with their own eyes. The theater building is a UNESCO site.

​In the stage of this theater audience first saw the premieres of performances based on the works of great Russian writers. Today the repertoire of the theater is very diverse . In the poster you can see many productions based on the works of modern playwrights. But people are interested in performances based on the works of world classics very much too. Dostoevsky’s “ The Double”, “ Camera Obscura” by Nabokov, Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Gogol’s “Marriage” − that’s what you can see today in the theater. The performances are held on three stages – Big, Small and New.

If you are a theater-lover, you like literature or want to get acquainted with the classics of world drama, then here you are − at the Alexandrinsky Theater!

There is also a museum in the theater. Here you can find a unique collection of costumes, mock-ups of scenery and theatrical props of the very first productions. And of course, one cannot fail to mention that the auditorium of the theater remembers such great people as A.S. Pushkin (1799−1837), M.Yu. Lermontov (1814− 1841, I.S. Turgenev (1818− 1883), L.N. Tolstoy (1828−1910), P.I. Tchaikovsky (1840−1893). Museum staff will give you a fascinating tour. Where, if not here you can feel the spirit of Russian history!

​If for some reason you do not want visit the theater and enjoy its performances and interior decorations, you should definitely see its building. It was built by the great architect Karl Rossi and it is a part of ensemble of Rossi Street.

​It is not difficult to get to the theater, because it is located in the center of the city. Near the theater there are several interesting places with a rich and long history, which we also recommend you to look into. These are the Theater Museum, the Theater Library and the Choreographic School. Nearby, on Nevsky Prospekt and other streets, there are many restaurants and cafes for every taste and budget. You can easily find a place for a snack and rest.

​You can see the performances of the theater’s permanent repertoire between September and May. In the summer months, the theater becomes a guest venue for visiting theater troupes. But the theater itself and its decorations are beautiful in all times!


Photos: Anna Skobeltsyna

Author: Shapovalova, Alexandra Andreevna & Lina Lomakina O.

Location : St.Petersburg

Visit the grand locations Alexandrinsky Theater  and many more that St Petersburg has to offer!
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