The Yusupov Palace, our tour will start with the Palace, which is named after the aristocratic Yusupov family. Five generations of a famous family are related to this building. Construction of the Palace began in 1770, designed by the French architect Jean-Baptiste Wallin-Delamot. Previously, this place was a wooden manor of Peter the Great’s niece, Princess Praskovya Ivanovna. Almost two centuries ago, this building was rebuilt many times, and in 1830, Prince Yusupov purchased the Palace from his aunt Alexandra Branitskaya, and began rebuilding it to move the collection of art works from the family estate “Archangelskoe”.

The Palace on the Moika river embankment is one of the 4 princely mansions in Saint Petersburg. Five generations of the family owned the Palace, which witnessed many bright events that left a mark on the history and culture of the country.

Works on the restructuring and reconstruction of the Palace were carried out by such famous architects as: Andrey Mikhailov, Alexander Stepanov, Alexander Shilling.

During the tour of the Palace, you can visit the state rooms and private chambers of the princely family. Yusupov Palace is rightfully called the encyclopedia of St. Petersburg’s aristocratic interior. After all, the halls of the Palace are decorated in different styles. Here you can find Russian classics, Arabic motifs, imitation of the Italian and French Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo. The interior is refined: French tapestries, Venetian mirrors with carvings, stucco and paintings in the technique of grisaille, parquet made of precious wood, porcelain, works of great masters of painting and sculpture.


Author: Govorunova Elizabeth, Devyatkina Elizabeth, Panova Ksenia

Location : St.Petersburg

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