Saint Petersburg is famous for its architecture, buildings built in the early eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. This city is visited by millions of tourists a year. But no one thought to walk along Nevsky Prospekt from a bird’s-eye view. It is no secret that Saint Petersburg has a unique panoramic view due to its high-altitude regulations. Local residents whose apartments are located on high floors and windows overlook the center can admire it, but what should the average tourist do? Recently, the growing popularity of roofing tourism, which gives you the opportunity to observe the city from a height, and in our case, to get acquainted with the architecture of roofs.

This type of tourism came to us from the West in the early noughties. It quickly gained popularity not only among young people, but also among photographers and artists. In Saint Petersburg, this phenomenon led to the creation of a new direction in the field of tourism. Almost any roof in the city center can rightfully be considered a view, since it is at a height that a very special view of the spires, domes, towers of the city opens. In many literary works, you can find references to these places. The roof structures themselves are also unique, starting from the roof configuration and ending with the angle of inclination, but, unfortunately, this is also a disadvantage in order to be able to safely go out on it.

The roofs of Saint Petersburg are also known for their romance, because what couple would refuse to spend an evening or maybe even dinner with a view of the city? Another disadvantage is of course the weather, in winter, few people want to freeze in sub-zero temperatures, and in summer to stand in the pouring rain.

Today, there are about 15 legal roofs in the city. Many tourists strive to get to them and take a photo as a souvenir. One of these roofs is located in the very center of the city, at Ligovsky Prospekt. This is one of the very first legal roofs that is open to the public from nine in the morning until midnight. Also, many roofs for visitors are open in shopping centers, such as “Gallery” or “Etazi”. It have the opportunity to spend more time using the services of a cafe or bar.

Visiting these places gives a completely different impression of the city and its image. In addition to photos, you will get memories for the rest of your life, which will be combined with the adrenaline of mentioning the place you visited.


Author: Anton Eromasov

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