Svargas is an amazing city, where eternity and history are united into a single whole, embodying the spirit of the Nordic culture. Cast aside any doubts and do not miss the unique opportunity to become a part of the world that exists through the time. In this place history becomes real, where you, dear traveler, is the main character!

Varangian Yard is an unusual reconstruction of the Nordic people’s life, where an incredible opportunity to plunge into the historical past is born. Albeit for a while, you can become a full part of this incredible story. Each courtyard program is unique and it makes possible to be not just a spectator, but a direct participant in the actions. You can play the role of the city inhabitants and become a brave warrior, a rich merchant, or an assistant of the blacksmith. Furthermore, you can take part in an imitation of a battle, shoot from a bow, or to try to sell something to merchants of the way “from the Varangians to the Greeks.”

The medieval center Svargas is located on the ninth kilometer of the Svetogorsk highway, Vyborg city. Its distinctive feature is a special approach to the presentation of historical information through visualization – reconstruction of the Varangian capital, national costumes, recreation of attributes from the life of the northern Slavs. Elements of the game allow you to recreate a holistic picture of the past, captivating and dedicating to northern life through an unusual entertainment program. No one will be insensitive to this extraordinary pastime activity!

Each program differs in duration – 80, 120-150 and 300 minutes – and requires a prior registration. Basically, they are for groups from 15 to 50 people. Svargas is ready to receive guests from 12:30 to 16:00 by Moscow time. Also, a private visit to the city is possible according to the current schedule, mostly in Saturdays.

In addition to the light cycle of leisure activity, it is possible to go to the thematic lectures that include more historical facts from the life of the Nordic people.

When you are in Svargas you could not feel any doubt about the reality of what is happening around. A sense of comfort, despite the lack of technological advances, is not disappearing – cozy evenings under the crack of a bonfire during the celebration of Yoll, the pagan holiday of the winter solstice, is the best example of this marvelous thing.

Here it is possible to purchase not only commemorative forged knives, key chains and pots, but also sophisticated varangian jewelry and amulets. All of them are carefully created by local masters with their love and souls.

Svargas is an amazing place where history comes to life. Visiting of this city brings exclusively positive emotions, giving a unique opportunity to penetrate the traditions of the Nodric people. Each program carries not only an educational, but also an entertaining part, leaving behind only warm memories and the desire to return here again.


 Author: Anastasia Yashina

Location : St.Petersburg

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