Polovtsev mansion is located at Bolshaya Morskaya street, not far from St. Isaac’s Cathedral. The decision to hold the wedding in the The Polovtsev Mansion allows us to fantasize about the wedding style. For example, using a composition of flowers and beautiful interior lighting, we can give a gloss and to revive the Palace. Or, we can further wear out the Palace, like to play an episode from the fairy tale “Sleeping beauty”. Composition of muted tones and powdery shades, antique dishes and plenty of greenery, which is the only one not sleeping in this Palace. The Polovtsev Palace consists of several halls, each hall can accommodate 60 to 150 people Banquet style. You can make one of the rooms has a lounge area and another room to make a stylish photo zone.

You need to consider that the time of the event till 23.00 without the possibility of renewal. Since many of the palaces are monuments of Federal significance and are protected, the duration of the event is strictly regulated. If you are worried that you won’t have enough time, start the wedding a few hours earlier.

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