By Air

Pulkovo international airport is located 15 kilometers from the center of Saint Petersburg. In 2013, the terminal building was reconstructed and modernized. From Moscow to St. Petersburg by air, the distance is 630 kilometers, and the flight time will take just over an hour.

Flights of Air Astana, Emirates, and Aeroflot airlines fly from India to Saint Petersburg. In this case of Aeroflot, e-visa is not valid, you need to get an ordinary visa.

By the sea – on Cruise ship

You can experience St Petersburg and Russia from a different point of view and book a cruise. The Marine Facade is the new passenger port in St Petersburg, built specifically to receive large cruise ships, where most international passengers arrive. There are also regular ferries from Stockholm and Helsinki (operated by St Peter Line) arriving at the Marine Facade. Cruise and international ferry passengers can visit Russia visa-free for up to 72 hours.

By the rivers – on Cruise ship

An extravagant way to get to Saint Petersburg from Moscow is to buy a ticket for a river cruise. We immediately warn you that this pleasure is not cheap, but it is worth it, because during this trip You will be able to see the most beautiful ancient cities of Central Russia: Uglich, ples, Yaroslavl, Goritsy, Kizhi. Travel time: eight days.

By Railway

A very romantic and exciting way to get to St. Petersburg from Moscow by train. A regular train covers this distance in one night (very convenient for budget travelers, so as not to pay an extra day for a hotel). And, of course, the Sapsan high-speed train, which has already become the hallmark of Russian Railways. The journey time is just a little over 4 hours, which is undoubtedly very comfortable, besides, the train comes directly to the center of St. Petersburg, on Vosstaniya Square.

Visa rules: in Saint Petersburg, starting from 2019, a free e-visa is valid for a stay of 7 days, with compulsory stay in St.Petersburg region only. Learn more about visa rules here >>

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