Military St.Petersburg

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We Russians always promote World Peace, but if you sometimes want to feel like a soldier, then You have this opportunity on Military tour. We are going out of town to the “secret polygon”…. Read More

Cossack is great Russian warriors, which at one time allowed the powerful Empire of Russia to grow to a huge size. You can get acquainted with customs, traditions, in current village of Cossack and become one of them. AK-47 shooting included… Read More

We recommend visiting the Artillery Museum for all those who are interested in military engineering, large-caliber weapons and military history, specially because the Artillery Museum has more than 8,50,000 military objects… Read More

If you are interested in military history, we recommend visiting the Submarine Museum in St. Petersburg. The exhibition presents diesel submarines, one of them… Read More

The Battle Cruiser Aurora, is the most recognizable and legendary ship in Russia, it has become a symbol and icon of St. Petersburg along with drawbridges and… Read More

The Icebreaker Krasinwas built at shipyard W. G. Armstrong, Whitworth & Co. Ltd. in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK, in 1916-1917. In September 1916, the icebreaker was included in… Read More

It was founded in 1323 at the mouth of the Neva river to protect lake Ladoga from Swedish attacks. The fortress is a natural island on which walls and towers are built.…Read More

Central Naval Museum is a  legendary and one of the oldest museums in St. Petersburg. It was founded by Peter I as a place to store ship layouts. Imagine, when in the 18th century the master made a ship… Read More

During the World War II, St. Petersburg was under siege, it was surrounded on all sides by German troops who decided to defeat the city and its citizens by making them starve to death… Read More