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St. Petersburg and Suburbs

The first Armenians appeared in St. Petersburg almost immediately after the foundation of the city. In 1710’s  they gathered in private homes. The first request for the construction of an Armenian church from Archimandrite Minas was filed in 1714, but was rejected by the authorities. Only on…Read More

The Catholic parish of St. Catherine of Alexandria was founded in 1716; in 1738, Empress Anna Ioannovna signed a permit for the construction of the Catholic Church on Nevsky Prospect (Nevsky Prospect), but the construction… Read More

The church was founded in 1883 at the site of tragic events – on March 1, 1881, Emperor Alexander II was mortally wounded here, heading that day to the place of the parade of troops on the Field of Mars. His son, Alexander III, ordered…Read More

Datsan Gunzechoynei is one of the world’s northernmost Buddhist temples. The representative of the Dalai Lama in Russia Aghvan Dorzhiev received permission to build a church in St. Petersburg in 1900. The construction money was donated by…Read More

The Saint Isaac’s Cathedral is one of the most outstanding monuments of Russian art and architecture of the 19thcentury. It was created by the French architect August Montferrand…Read More

The Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan was built in 1801-1811 by V.Voronikhin. It is an outstanding example of the Russian classical architecture.Read More

Saint Alexander Nevsky Lavra – the grandest Orthodox Temple complex. It is the largest and the first monastery in our city. It will take several hours to get around every amazing… Read More

The Smolny Monastery is one of the main convents for women located in St. Petersburg. It got its name thanks to the Smolny court, on the territory of which, in the future … Read More

The Naval Cathedral of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker is the last and largest of the naval cathedrals of the Russian Empire. It was built in 1903-1913 in Kronstadt according to the neo-Byzantine…Read More

St. Petersburg Cathedral mosque is a majestic and at the same time restrained building that combines elements of traditional Eastern architecture and features of Northern art Nouveau… Read More

Chapel of St. Xenia the Blessed is an Orthodox chapel located in St. Petersburg. It is assigned to the church of the Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God, located in the same place … Read More

Sampson Cathedral in St. Petersburg is one of the oldest cathedrals in the city: it was founded in 1709 by decree of Peter I in honor of the victory over the Swedes in the battle of Poltava… Read More

The Cathedral was thought by Peter I as a burial vault of the Romanovs. All the tsars started from Peter the Great up to Nicholas II were buried in the cathedral  Peter I, Catherine I, Anna I, Elizabeth I, Peter III,… Read More

Trinity-Izmailovsky Cathedral in Saint Petersburg is a monument of architecture of late classicism. It was named after the Izmailovsky regiment, one of the oldest in Russia … Read More

One of the main decorations of Gatchina is the Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Apostle Paul, which became the compositional center of the city.…Read More