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Nevsky prospect is the main thoroughfare of the city that starts from the Admiralty and ends at Alexander Nevsky Square. It is 4,5 km long. It took over two hundred years…Read More

Peter and Paul Fortress was founded on May 27, 1703. According to legend, Peter I himself chose a place for a new fortress – a small Hare island (in Finnish – Enisaari), located at the mouth of the…Read More

The Palace Square is the main square of Saint Petersburg. All kinds of festivities, demonstrations, parades, manifestations are held there. The ensemble of the square…Read More

The Spit of Basil Island can be called a visiting card of the historic city center. This architectural monument is located so well that it offers a beautiful view of the city…Read More

The Bronze Horseman, it would be impossible to imagine St. Petersburg without this work of art. The bronze horseman has a huge history, because it was built in honor of Peter I…Read More

The Battle Cruiser Aurora, is the most recognizable and legendary ship in Russia, it has become a symbol and icon of St. Petersburg along with drawbridges…Read More

In Saint Petersburg, Northern Venice, there are more than 430 bridges – over the natural rivers Neva, Fontanka and man-made channels.…Read More

Walking around the city, you can meet lions, decanters and sphinxes, protecting bridges and building facades. All this is not just like that – each animal has its own purpose …Read More

The Hermitage is considered to be one of the biggest museums in the world and the largest art museum in Russia. The collection is more than 2.7 million items…Read More

In the early 19th century construction there was a tendency to create whole ensembles of streets and squares. The Square of Arts is one the perfect samples.…Read More

The St. Isaac’s Square appeared in the 1730s-1740s. It took its final shape much later during the construction of St. Isaac’s Cathedral which became the dominant of the square.  …Read More

The Senate Square came into existence due to the construction of the embankment along the Neva and the piers for the only pontoon bridge connecting the city centre…Read More

The second most popular Museum in Saint Petersburg, after the Hermitage. Literally, the Kunstkamera is translated from German as a collection of curiosities. Peter I adopted this tradition.…Read More

The Russian Museum, Saint-Petersburg, is one of the world’s largest art galleries. Its collection contains paintings, sculptures, and works of applied and folk art and.  …Read More

In the middle of the 18th century the modern Theatre Square was known as Carousel Square. It was frequently used as the site for fairs and festivals…Read More

Petersburg would not have been Petersburg without such a major attraction as the Main Naval Admiralty Building. The Admiralty is the hallmark of the city at the same time as the Bronze Horseman.…Read More

Central Naval Museum is a  legendary and one of the oldest museums in St. Petersburg. It was founded by Peter I as a place to store ship layouts…Read More

Interestingly, the idea of ​​creating a museum of the history of urban water supply was born long before the authorities in St. Petersburg started implementing it in 1999….Read More

Or have you been planning to see the English castle with your own eyes? All this and not only can be seen in the Northern capital of Russia!.…Read More

Mikhailovsky Castle is one of the most mysterious places in Saint Petersburg. Since it was built, there are many legends about it. Unusual in St. Petersburg the medieval appearance…Read More

In a city where his relatives, his children and his staff lived in grand palaces draped in Gold and Silk, this Great man Peter I clearly had other plans and being humble….Read More

A miniature layout of the regions of Russia, made at a scale of 1:87 It covers an area of 800 square meters and is the largest mock-up Museum in Russia and the second largest in the world!.…Read More

Mosaic Courtyard on Fontanka river – is a unique place, an open-air museum. Its author is the artist Vladimir Lubenko and his student. It is hidden in the St. Petersburg court…Read More

Kleinmichel’s Cottage, is actually a castle, a wonderful architectural monument, is located in the northwestern part of Kamenny Island, on the banks of the Krestovka River, a tributary of Malaya Nevka…..Read More

Petrovskaya Aquatoria functions as a historical model museum. The layout contains the most important buildings on the banks of the Neva river and the Gulf of Finland in the 18th century..…Read More

The coming together of this museum is a significant event in the cultural life of the northern capital and also a significant contribution to the Russian Museum’s …Read More

Fabergé Museum in St. Petersburg was founded to preserve, study, and promote Russia’s cultural heritage as well as to develop the city’s extensive network of museums…..Read More