Petersburg would not have been Petersburg without such a major attraction as the Main Naval Admiralty Building. The Admiralty is the hallmark of the city at the same time as the Bronze Horseman and the Hermitage. And its historical symbol – the smal peninsula looks like a ship, according to legend, the spires represents the model of the first ship that entered the port of St. Petersburg.

The building of the Main Admiralty is a unique place. Its author is architects I. Korobov (1700 – 1747) and A. Zakharov (1761 – 1811). The architecture of this building is striking in its scope, because it was built on 1200 square meters, and its history and strict style will make any tourist feel the former spirit of the greatness of the Russian state.

The Admiralty, founded in 1704 and located in the very center of the city, is one of the first buildings in St. Petersburg. Initially, the Admiralty Building was conceived as a shipyard and at the same time a fortress from which more than two hundred ships descended into the water. Subsequently, throughout its history, the structure was associated with the fleet – it housed maritime educational institutions and such institutions as the Admiralty College and the Naval Museum. At the moment, it houses the Headquarters of the Navy of the Russian Federation.

Thanks to the zeal of many architects, this strict and utilitarian building looks organically similar to the  such ceremonial structures as the Winter Palace and the Hermitage. The Admiralty is decorated with a huge number of sculptures that depict sea gods and patrons of sailors.

The landmarks that you’ll be near will be the Winter Palace and Palace Square, which are located across the road from it.

Unfortunately, the entrance to the Admiralty is closed, because the Navy Headquarters is now located there. Well, for an external examination at any time of the year, this place will look spectacular and majestic. But still, we advise you to visit this place in the late afternoon, when they begin to turn on the lighting of the facades.

Building of the Main Admiralty is a unique building of Russian architecture from the time of the Russian Empire. Having visited it, you will plunge into the unique atmosphere of Petersburg and enjoy the magnificent landscape of the city. We guarantee that you will be delighted and receive only positive emotions from visiting the Admiralty!


Author: Ilya Rozhkov

Location : St.Petersburg

Visit the grand locations Main Naval Admiralty Building  and many more that St Petersburg has to offer!
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