This is an International Ballet And Dance Festival that has traditionally been held in March/April since 2001. It is attended by dancers and choreographers of various ballet companies around the world: The State Opera of Paris, the National Opera of Ukraine, the Bolshoi Theater of Russia, the Mariinsky and Mikhailovsky theaters, the Berlin State Opera, the American Theater and Ballet and more attend this frestival to showcase their artists and creativity.

In different years, the best ballet halls of St. Petersburg were chosen as venues for the festival. The program includes thematic concerts dedicated to world ballet legends, educational programs, gala concerts, touring performances of the world’s best ballet companies, and a number of social events. The concept of the festival is a constant development and expansion of the framework of dance as a direction, so on the stage you can see both recognized classical masterpieces and outstanding examples of modern choreography.

An integral part of the festival are children’s master classes that allow you to share the experience of teachers and students from different countries and different age categories from 7 to 25 years.


Author: Alexandr Boltinsky

Location : St.Petersburg

Visit the grand locations Dance Open Festival  and many more that St Petersburg has to offer!
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