Boat Trip:  Sea Forts in the Gulf Of Finland

You will see the ancient St.Petersburg’s fortifications with Sea Forts in the Gulf Of Finland, you will get to understand the history of their construction and purpose.

The boat departs from Kronstadt (an island in the Gulf of Finland, a suburb of St. Petersburg) from the Winter pier, then the route passes along the Gulf of Finland along 4 forts: Fort Kronshlot, Fort Peter I, Fort Alexander I (Plague Fort), Fort Milutin, the tour lasts 40 minutes. The Riperban ferry in Kronstadt completes the tour at Fort Constantine.

An excursion to Kronstadt with a visit to the Fort takes place on the retro steamer “Riperban” – it has a very interesting history: in the 60s, it was used by legendary bands: the Beatles, Queen and the Rolling Stones. And the steamer itself sailed along the Elbe and to the island of Heligoland, in the North sea. But in 1988, the boat was retired – the interior was restored and now this boat rides tourists on the Gulf of Finland. The steamer is two-decked, with open and closed decks, with a cafe on Board and a comfortable interior.


Author: Alexandr Boltinsky

Location : St.Petersburg

Visit the grand locations Boat Trip:  Sea Forts in the Gulf Of Finland  and many more that St Petersburg has to offer!
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