Private Flying and Sightseeing Flights above Saint Petersburg

St. Petersburg a UNESCO World Heritage City is extremely beautiful and well preserved making it an absolute joy to fly over and to enjoy it’s amazing beauty from the air.

For guests of St. Petersburg there many options of private aviation which have been developed for the specific purpose of enjoying the city and its sights from the sky. The entire range of private flying experiences is available for the guests and can be included in any tour itinerary.

City Sightseeing flights, simple Aerobatics, creating Weightlessness, Extreme flights with the performance of racing aircrafts, with the possibility for the guest  to independently control a real training aircraft.

Do you want to pilot a Boeing commercial airliner? No problem, a real simulator cabin is available for your to rent.

Helicopter rides, Paragliding, Aero Tube, Skydiving……. you name it and St. Petersburg can offer it to You!


Author: Alexandr Boltinsky

Location : St.Petersburg

Visit the grand locations Private Flying and Sightseeing Flights above Saint Petersburg  and many more that St Petersburg has to offer!
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