The Scarlet sails festival is held annually on the night of June 23-24. It is safe to call this festival the most popular and spectacular event in St. Petersburg. The holiday of youth and hope, it was born in the 60s of the twentieth century, as the day of school graduation. The basis is a fairy tale-legend of the writer green about the girl Assol, who perfectly believed in her destiny, that one day she will meet her lover, who will be the captain of the ship, and you can recognize him by the scarlet sails on the ship, and so it happened!

Since 2005, the city has made this romantic story its brand, turning it into a major event on the Neva river. First of all, the action gathers the audience on the Palace Square, where the most popular young artists of Russia perform, the show often involves world-class stars, such as the legendary circus dyusoley. Then all attention is drawn to the embankment, it is on the Neva river that the climax unfolds, the world’s largest water performance, where, under the enchanting light accompaniment with a deafening salute, a real sailing frigate comes out on the river surface, naturally under scarlet sails.

The holiday lasts all night, graduates celebrate their entry into adulthood, full of hopes and bold plans. The celebration attracts about 3 million viewers! Tourists from all over the world come to Saint Petersburg for the “Scarlet sails”. in 2016, the world jury recognized it as the “best city event”.


Author: Alexandr Boltinsky

Location : St.Petersburg

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