For all the countries of world, the date of May 9, 1945 is very significant, it was on this day that the Second World War ended. Russia gave the highest and  the most terrible sacrifices to the altar of victory, more than half the population of the country were killed during the conflict. The lives of soldiers, citizens, which are counted in the tens of millions. In memory of this colossal feat and victory, it was decided to hold annual parades in all major cities of the country as a mark of respect to the Russians who gave their lives to protect the motherland.

In Saint Petersburg, the Victory Parade traditionally takes place on the Palace Square. In front of the audience, employees of various branches of the armed forces and cadets of military schools march in ceremonial uniforms, followed by columns of modern military equipment, as well as combat units from the Second World War. On anniversaries, air forces take part in the parade, and military planes, helicopters and fighter jets fly in the sky at extremely low altitudes.

The parade continues with the “Immortal Regiment“, which is gaining more and more momentum every year. It involves relatives of those who fought during the war. People print out a large photo of their heroic ancestor and take to the streets, often as whole families, merging into a huge stream. Thus, the people show their deep gratitude and respect for the winners, many of whom never returned home.

9 May, the Victory Day ends with a deafening large-scale evening salute on the Neva embankment. Tens of thousands of citizens and tourists take to the streets to watch the giant multi coloured Fireworks show in the peaceful spring sky.

Location : St.Petersburg

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