The state academic Mariinsky Theatre is a temple of Opera and ballet in Saint Petersburg, which is considered one of the leading theaters not only in Russia, but also around the world. The Mariinsky theatre has celebrated great ballerinas: Matilda Kshesinskaya and Anna Pavlova.  Famous Opera singers, such as Fyodor Chaliapin and Ivan Yershov, also reached the heights of fame here.

The Mariinsky theatre, located on Teatralnaya square 1, has a long history and has never been transformed. But the way it looks now certainly amazes all visitors: its impressive size, rich architecture and modern theatrical equipment. And most importantly: spectacular and exciting performances of famous Opera and ballet artists. Premieres of such Russian classics as Boris Godunov, Ruslan and Lyudmila, and Khovanshchina were shown on the stage of this theater.

The theater begins its history on October 5, 1783,when a Large(Stone) theater was built in the capital on the order of Catherine the great on Carousel square, later renamed the Theater. By the decree of the Empress, a troupe was organized” not only for comedies and tragedies, but also for Opera.” Opposite the theater was a wooden circus, which showed some productions.But in 1859, a fire completely destroyed this building, and in its place, according to the project of Alberto Cavos, a new theater was built, which acquired the name of the Mariinsky. And on the site of the Bolshoi theater was built the St. Petersburg state Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory

The theater was renamed in honor of the wife of Emperor Alexander II, Maria Alexandrovna. Her image is immortalized in the curtain of the theater, which was sewn after a drawing by the artist Alexander Golovin in 1914. In 1860, the opening of the season in the new building of the Mariinsky theater was the Opera “Life for the Tsar”by Mikhail Glinka. A large reconstruction of the building took place at the end of the nineteenth century under the direction of architect Viktor Alexandrovich Schroeter. It creates a modern building, a three-dimensional facade and a famous tower on the dome of the building. After the reconstruction, the Mariinsky theatre lost its Grand appearance and acquired a business look.Schroeder also designed the auditorium, which has survived to this day. Only in 1970, after a General reconstruction, the building acquired its current appearance.In 2013, a new stage was built in St. Petersburg, designed for the most current productions. The theater thrives to this day, preserving the best traditions of its history. In its poster you can see both classic and recognized productions, as well as new performances, because the halls of the main building and the New stage are always crowded.

The Mariinsky theatre is really considered the pearl of Saint Petersburg, because being here, you can feel the cultural spirit of many period of different centuries, live for a few hours the fate of the characters of works, feeling their feelings and emotions. And, finally, to forget and get lost in the notes of fascinating music of a live orchestra and really be inspired to do things or make your own contribution to the culture and history of your country.


Authors: Ksenia Rudova, Victoria Belik

Location : St.Petersburg

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