We should start your night walk in the city center of St.Petersburg from Vosstaniya square, where is the Nevsky prospect starts. This place is considered as youth center of the city and has a very convenient location. In the evening, street bands usually play here or street dancers dance, so it is likely that upon arrival at the starting point of the route, you will immediately get to the performance.

Performance on Nevsky prospect

Then we move along Nevsky Prospect forward, towards the Palace square. We enjoy the old buildings, each of which is beautifully illuminated.

Each building on Nevsky is beautifully illuminated

After 2 kilometers, perpendicular to Nevsky Prospekt, Rubinstein street begins – the legend of St. Petersburg. There are always a lot of people on this street, locals and tourists have chosen this place, so it is here that a dense cluster of all sorts of bars and cafes, and it is here that the most star-studded hangouts. Do not be lazy to go into the courtyards, you can find good bars and more favorable prices there.

One of the cafe on Rubinstein street

One of the bar on Rubinstein street with big choice of fresh craft beer

We continue our way to the Fontanka river embankment. When crossing Nevsky Prospect, don’t forget to look at the Anichkov bridge.

Anichkov bridge (cross of Nevsky prospect and Fontanka river)

Our second pit stop is on the Fontanka embankment, 20. In this house is located “Golitsyn loft”, there is a whole galaxy of trendy loft bars, different sizes and directions. Some even offer live music if you are lucky, but in any case, everyone will find something for themselves here.

“Golitsyn loft” cortyard

One of the bar at “Golitsyn loft”

From “Golitsyn loft” you can go to the Neva river and go to the Troitsky bridge, on the Field of Mars. On the way you will admire the Mikhailovsky Castle, the Cathedral on the Spilled Blood and all this in a magical light.

Mikhailovsky Castle, view from Field of Mars

Cathedral on the Spilled Blood

Then, across The Moika river embankment to Nevsky Prospekt and you will find yourself on the Palace square and the Palace bridge. It is here that you will see the most important attraction for tourists and residents of the city – the opening bridge show. Try to set the time so that you can make it to 1.30 am, that’s when the bridge show begins.

Palace Bridge opening show, 1.40 am, June

And most importantly, you need remember, that in the summer in St. Petersburg – White Nights, which means that in June and July it is almost not dark in the night. So your Night walk through St.Peteruburg can smoothly turn into a morning one! And at this time, the central district of St.Petersburg is so full of people, all the bars and restaurants are open, so it often becomes unclear what time of day you are!


Author: Alexandr Boltinsky

Visit The Night walk in St.Petersburg!
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