In the vicinity of St. Petersburg, you can find many beautiful cities that carry tremendous historical value and attract tourists with their special charm. One of these cities is Vyborg, which captivates with the atmosphere of the old Swedish city. Founded by the Swedes at the end of the XIII century, it once belonged to the Finns. In 1710, Vyborg was captured by Peter I, and in 1721 officially became part of the Russian Empire. There are more than 300 attractions in Vyborg: architectural, historical, landscape, sculptural, and archaeological. Vyborg castle and St. Olaf’s Tower are considered the most popular among tourists. The castle was built by the Swedish crusaders in 1293 on an island surrounded by water, and for a long time was an impregnable fortress. In the XVI-XVII centuries, the Fort was regularly attacked, as a result of which it was repeatedly rebuilt. Visiting Vyborg Castle, you can not miss the opportunity to climb the Tower of St. Olaf – the highest point of the fortification and the best observation deck of the city. In addition to the castle and tower, there are many places worth visiting in Vyborg: churches and cathedrals, turrets, narrow medieval street, old building, huge area, luxury parks. The final goal of walking often becomes the island of Tverdysh, in the Northern part of which is located the Museum-reserve Park Monrepos. Having absorbed all the best from the nature of Karelia, it fascinates with its natural beauty. On high hills grow majestic pines and firs, near dark caves and gorges.

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