The Romanov Dynasty

The Romanovs are the great dynasty of Tsars and Emperors of Russia, an ancient boyar family that began its existence at the end of the 16th century and still exists today. The Romanovs are one of the most famous Royal dynasties in the world. All representatives of the great family and their descendants now live abroad, about 200 people have Royal titles, but none of them has the right to head the Russian throne in the event of the return of the monarchy. The large Romanov family was called the House of Romanov. A huge and extensive family tree has connections with almost all the Royal dynasties of the world.

In 1613, the first representative of the family, Mikhail Fedorovich, was elected as a Tsar. The Romanov era began. The last representative of the Imperial family was Nicholas II, who received the nickname Bloody for the thousands of people who died during three revolutions. According to historians, Nicholas II was a fairly mild ruler and made several unfortunate mistakes in domestic and foreign policy, which led to a heating up of the situation inside the country. The unsuccessful Japanese War, as well as the First World War, severely undermined the prestige of the Royal family and the Emperor personally. In 1905, the first uprising broke out, as a result of which Nicholas was forced to give the people the desired civil rights and freedoms – the power of the sovereign weakened. However, this was not enough, and in 1917 two revolutions took place again. This time, Nicholas II was forced to resign his powers and renounce the throne. But this was not enough: the Tsar’s family was caught by the Bolsheviks and exiled.On the night of July 16-17, 1917, the entire Royal family, including Nicholas II five children and his wife, were shot. The only possible heir, the son of Nicholas, was also killed. All the relatives who were hiding in Tsarskoe Selo, St. Petersburg, and other places were found and killed. Only the Romanovs who were abroad survived. The reign of the Romanov Imperial family was interrupted, and with it the monarchy in Russia collapsed.

Although the 300-year rule of this family has seen many bloody wars and uprisings, in general, the Romanovs power has benefited Russia. It was thanks to the representatives of this family that Russia finally moved away from feudalism, increased its economic, military and political power and turned into a huge and powerful Empire. On our website you can get acquainted with the history of the reign of the most famous representatives of the Romanov family.